About Brookline Development Corporation

BDC has completed more than $200,000,000 worth of projects over the past 19 years. With more than 200 contractors working for us at any given time, we offer a wide range of expertise, including ground up construction, building rehab, multi-family rehab, office and industrial work.

We specialize in taking projects from original concept to final permitting. We have partnered with many of the local community groups and historical societies in and around the city of Boston to gain project approval.

All of our work is done for our own portfolio, and held to our own high standards. We have a select list of handpicked clients for whom we do work as part of a construction management agreement. We also benefit from strong working relationships with more than 25 local and national banks and finance companies to handle al of our acquisition and development needs.

Jeff Feuerman

Jeff is President of Brookline Development Corporation (BDC). He has been in the real estate development/investment business since 1987. He has purchased and developed over $200,000,000 worth of projects in the past 25 years. He has extensive experience in the zoning, permitting, construction and financing of multifamily projects in and around the city of Boston. Jeff continues to pursue opportunities in the strong markets in and around Boston. He currently owns and manages over 300 apartment units for his own portfolio. Jeff recently completed a new LEED certified apartment building in Brookline and plans to build two more LEED certified projects over the next 24 months. Jeff has managed to build his company by nothing less than a lot of hard sweat equity.

Tracey Walker

Tracey joined Brookline Development Corp in 2005. She supervises all aspects of the asset management, accounting and financial operations for Brookline Development Corp. Tracey supports our developments via budgeting, administration, and information technology. In 2010 she was given the additional responsibility of senior property manager for all rental and condominium properties.

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